how to dry gel polish without uv light
how to dry gel polish without uv light

how to dry gel polish without uv light

The speed of nail curing is related to the number of photo initiators in the uv gel polish, the kinetic rate of the UV lamp, the thickness of the uv gel polish layer, the lighting distance and the room temperature, so it is not necessarily that the higher the power of the UV lamp, the faster it will dry. Generally, 48 watts are just right, and the drying speed is very fast.

The purpose of the nail lamp is to dry the uv gel polish glued on the fingers. The precautions for selection and use are as follows:

1. UV light or LED light

Why are lights so important? Because the nail gel polish used for manicure is mainly made of gel and acrylic resin, and the gel needs to be cured by UV light. When it encounters ultraviolet light, it will react, which can harden and accelerate the solidification. At present, the nail polish on the market In addition to "UV light", "led light", and "UV LED light", considering that some formulations of nail gel may not be suitable for LED light, we recommend that you buy UV LED light.

2. Power

The power of the nail lamp is basically 48 watts. Generally speaking, the higher the power, the faster the uv gel polish glue drying of the lamp. You can also refer to the number of lamp beads. The efficiency of 48 lamp beads is higher than that of 32 lamp beads. 3. Lighting time

No matter which light source nail lamp you choose, if you want to keep your hands from getting dark, you have to control the time of the lamp. If you are doing manicure at home, follow the primer, color glue, sealing layer, disposable sealing layer, and the corresponding uv The light/led lighting time is different.

After applying the nail polish, put your hand in, and then set the time according to the situation. The time is generally 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds. Generally, the drying time is 90 seconds.

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