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There are three types of nail art designs. There are three options: nail art stickers, freehand nail polish drawing, and airbrushing with an airbrush and stencil. These three methods allow you to create virtually any design on your nails. Some people prefer to use a tiny jewel sticker, while others choose flowers or seasonal designs. Nail stickers are also known as nail decals. They are one of the easiest ways to create nail art. You will find them in small packages that include a few stickers. They can be used on either bare or polished nails. The stickers stick better to polished nails. There are many designs to choose from and they can be more detailed than other types. For example, some people love holiday designs like snowflakes or pumpkins. Stickers are simple to use on both your hands and can be used by anyone of any age. You can create beautiful nail art designs by painting freehand with nail polish in a container or using a nail pen. You can use different nail polish colors in the same design. A skilled nail technician might be able create many different designs. Simple designs like hearts and flowers are very popular. It can be hard to paint small designs on nails without assistance. You can also paint designs on your toenails.
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