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A gel, which is simply defined, is transparent colored material that can be used to alter light sources for cinematography and photography. It can also be used to create color effects by being placed on top of light sources. There are two main types: color-correction gels or non-corrective color-effect gels. For the purpose of this article, we will be honing in on the use of color-effect gels.Color-correction gels are tinted in order to compensate for either daylight or tungsten sources. CTB (color-temperature blue) converts tungsten to daylight, while CTO (color thermo orange) converts daylight balanced sources to tungsten. These gels can be used to correct mixed lighting conditions. To create moods, atmospheres or dramatic conditions in photos using color-effect gels, the light is intentionally colored. Combinations of different colors can be used to create custom light conditions. We've shown you how to combine hues for creative portraits. This is great news for portrait photographers looking to expand their creativity, especially when it comes to beauty shoots where color is often a main focus. The Color Wheel. Complementary colors (those opposite one another on the color wheel) are the best for creating visually appealing combinations. But I have found that I can still achieve pleasing visual results if there is enough contrast between the colors. It is possible for colors to blend into each other on the color wheel.Color mixing. Each paint color absorbs certain colors and reflects others. Mixing in another color of paint results in more colors being absorbed and fewer reflected. We are left with the wavelengths that both colors reflect. This is called subtractive mixing, because wavelengths are removed when paints mix. Additive color mixing (which is what photographers care about) creates new colors by adding one set wavelength to another. This happens when different wavelengths of light are combined. When all the wavelengths of sunlight are combined, white light is created. Because all wavelengths reach our eyes, it is called additive.
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