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Looking for a product to strengthen your nails? This is the place for you. The basics of nail strengthening are well-known. This includes using Cuticle Oil and not using your nails as tools. It is slightly thicker than regular gel polish and has a stronger formulation. It protects your nails against breaking and snagging and keeps them strong. This allows your natural nails to grow stronger and last longer. The brush is used to apply the gel polish. Can you use nail hardener under gel polish?Yes! This is the best way to use Hard Gel. Apply your Base Coat and then apply 1-2 coats Hard Gel. Finish with your top coat and continue with the gel polish color coats. For a natural look, you can use Hard Gel with no colour coat. This look is achieved by applying a Base Coat, two coats of Hard Gel, and then your Top Coat. This look is easy and quick, thanks to our soft pink Hard Gel. It provides the perfect base layer to allow all subsequent coats to adhere to. Although we cannot guarantee the best results, we have found that many users prefer to apply Hard Gel without a Base Coat. However, we recommend it if it is working well.
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