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Clients tend to prefer one of the five basic shapes for nails: oval, square, pointed, squoval or round. Although there are many combinations of these shapes, the five most popular ones are the best. This guide will help you choose the right shape for each client. It also teaches you how to file it correctly. THE OVAL. The oval shape is attractive and flattering for most women's nails. It can be used on both long and short nail beds. The oval can be made longer to accent a longer nail bed or shorter to compliment a shorter one. Ovals can lengthen nails while maintaining the soft curves of the square shape. This shape is commonly used for intricate nail art designs and is a staple for traditional French manicures. This shape is best avoided for natural nail beds that have shorter or wider nails. It will make the nail look shorter and more stubby. The square is a good complement to longer nails and can add length to the finger. THE SQUOVAL. The squoval nail is basically a square, with the same length as a square but with the soft edges of an oval. The versatility of squoval nails is its ability to have short, broad nail beds that can carry length without looking oversized. The rounded shape can look thinner on clients with large nails and hands. A pointed nail can be used to give the illusion of length to smaller hands. Longer nails will make pointed nails more obvious and noticeable.
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