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No Wipe Top Coat, No Wipe Top Coat Gel, Non Wipe Top Coat, Velvet Top Coat, Chrome Top Coat, Top Coat Gel Uv

Do I need a topcoat?  This is everything you need to know regarding gel polish top coats.  Why do they look so amazing?  Top Coat While it is not a secret weapon it is a must-have for your gel manicures or pedicures.  We answer all your questions about top coats and show you how to ensure that every gel manicure lasts. There are many top coats available. We have a variety to suit your needs.  To give your nails a shiny finish, apply our classic Top Coat. It is applied under the Nail Lamp for 60 seconds.  For those who want to see their nails shine brightest, we also have a version!
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