8 tips for people who like to apply gel polish
8 tips for people who like to apply gel polish

8 tips for people who like to apply gel polish

DIY gel nails are impressive and in my opinion gel is definitely the best nail polish. However, if you are new to gel glosses, you may have some issues and think that gel glosses are simply not for you. Gel gloss application and removal can be a bit complicated, but I promise to master the art of gel gloss manicure. Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you deal with any type of accident you may have. Gel polish China factory will provide excellent gel polish.

1. Clean your nails. You must have clean, dry nails for the gel gloss to adhere properly. After wiping your nails, use a completely lint-free wipe with 91% alcohol to clean any type of extra debris from your nails. All the way down to the follicles and the sides are neat. If you have particles of any kind on your nails, the gel polish will definitely stick to it and not stick to your nails. Here's the secret to a shorter lasting manicure.

2. Shake the gel bottle. Gel bottles have a unique formula that requires shaking before each use. If you shake the gel polish before you apply it, you'll definitely have an easier time, and more. You don't need to drink skim coats or leaders, just shades.

3. Use Aquaphor or lotion around the cuticle. Use a q-tip to apply Aquaphor to the cuticles before a gel gloss manicure. Don't put anything of any kind on your nails, however, cover the cuticles and sides of your nails. By doing this, if you mistakenly put some gel polish on the follicle, it will actually be on the Aquaphor and you can clean it right after you finish your gel gloss manicure. Fraction! You can also use an Aquaphor or lotion on your cuticles when removing gel polishes to make sure the acetone doesn't dry out the cuticles too much.

4. The use of short strokes. When painting over the gel gloss, use short strokes, especially around the hair follicles and the edges of the nails. Short strokes are easier to adjust, so it will help you get a nice even line around the edges. You have to be extra careful with the initial layers of color, once the color drops, it's easier to keep your other coats in those wonderful lines.

5. Use thin layers. The consistency of the gel gloss is a little different than many nail glosses, and if you are new to gel glosses, it will definitely put you off. You don't need to put as much gel gloss on your brush as you would with regular nail polish. If you put too much gel polish on your brush, the gel shine will blend and it will get thick on your follicles and on the side of your nails. woohoo. However, if you use thin layers, you will avoid this problem entirely. yes! Remember that 3-4 thin coats are much better than 2 thick coats.

6. Cover the free edge. When using gel polish, it is necessary to cap the free edges. This means painting the finished part of the nail after you've painted the actual nail part of the nail. It stops the gel shine from lifting when you cover the free edge, which means you'll get a great, long-lasting nail art. You should cover the free side in every coat, however, it is especially important for both the primer and the top coat.

7. Remove extra gel sheen before curing. Gel sheen can be difficult to remedy when you work on it under UV or LED lights. This shows that if you accidentally get some on your skin and heal it, it won't come off. Gel gloss wipes off faster than regular nail gloss, so don't hesitate to wipe off any excess shine that may have jumped onto your skin. You can also use a small brush dipped in acetone to remove nail polish.

8. Healing in the correct dimensional light. If you have 4 fingers, do not try to handle all 5 fingers with one hand as it will not heal properly. Having said that, I came up with a great trick that treats 5 fingers at a time. If your lights are too small for me, don't worry, you can still use a four-finger light. Simply work with 4 fingers on one hand, 4 fingers on the other hand, and then both thumbs fit together.

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