90% of nail salons ignore these deadly details
90% of nail salons ignore these deadly details

90% of nail salons ignore these deadly details

The rapid development of the nail industry has gradually led to a variety of problems. For example, there is no standard of hygiene supervision in nail salons, and there are many problems in tool disinfection... If the nail tools are not cleaned thoroughly, it is easy to cause indirect infection, fungal infection, cross-infection, resulting in viral infection and onychomycosis. Therefore, it is very necessary for nail salons to implement the disinfection procedure of "one customer, one exchange and one disinfection"! we provide nail salon gel polish is very good quality.

◆A set of tools is reused, and there is a hidden danger of cross infection. 90% of the stores do this!

◎ Phenomenon 1: The nail surface is simply sprayed with alcohol, while the grinding tools are repeatedly used by many people without disinfection.
In the process of manicure, the manicurist must first polish the nails, and then clean the dead skin around the nails, during which the nail surface is simply sprayed with alcohol. The tools used are generally not sterilized, but are used multiple times by many people.
Many consumers said that they never paid attention to whether the manicurist sterilized the tools, nor did they consider the problem that the sterilization may spread diseases.

◎The second phenomenon: Is the nail tool really disinfected after spraying alcohol on the face?

When doing manicures, the manicurist disinfects some manicure tools with alcohol, which can be used repeatedly for polishing sand bars and polishing sponge bars, usually every few days.
What we need to know is that nail salons will never turn away every guest. But, did you know? Such a set of nail tools must serve at least 4-6 customers. It is because of this that you can't know whether there are people with fungal infection around you. Maybe after a long time, you find that you have fungal onychomycitis, which is caused by doing manicures before the official start. This simple alcohol disinfection cannot kill some bacteria.

◆"One customer, one exchange for one disinfection", special disinfection to avoid cross infection

The strict implementation of "one customer, one exchange and one disinfection" is a kind of emphasis on health and safety for consumers themselves or nail salons.
First of all, for consumers themselves, this not only ensures the health of customers, but also brings a reassuring experience to customers.
Secondly, for the nail salon itself, it can not only gain customers' trust in the store, improve customer experience, customer unit price, but also increase customer stickiness and bring more customer traffic through word of mouth.

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