Color Gel polish for sale
Color Gel polish for sale

Color Gel polish for sale

Introduce you to gel polish

Water-based gel polishes oil, or "removable gel polishes," as the fairies call them, dissolve in water and use water-soluble materials like film formers and pigments. This is a removable gel polish that has only become popular in the past five years. It's so popular because beauty-loving fairies really get bored with the newness of nail art. With this nail polish gel, you can easily remove it with a special nail remover solution.

The advantages of aqueous gel polishing are obvious. The advantage is that this removable gel polish does not have the pungent smell of traditional nail polish, and even has a light fragrance due to the added essence. And it can be completely torn off after drying, which is convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that this kind of nail polish has poor durability. Sometimes it may be just painted, and it will be warped by blisters after taking a shower, and tearing has a kind of damage to the nail itself. The nail polish can also take a nail surface layer. Nails become brittle and break easily over time.

Recommendations for use: Although the water-based gel oil does not have a pungent odor, there is a risk of sensitization if the essence is added, so it is not recommended to choose fairies who are prone to allergies. In addition, many novice fairies will not wrap the edges when applying the gel, resulting in poor durability of the water-based gel. Repeated smearing and tearing creates a vicious cycle. Of course, if the fairies are still curious and want to try it, they may use it occasionally, or apply it after mastering the wrapping technology.

The above is the whole content of sharing, we do not provide water-based gel oil, we professionally provide color gel polish for sale, gel polish has a high health factor and high production professional requirements. If you have any needs for our products, Please feel free to contact us.

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