How to care for nails after gel polish is removed
How to care for nails after gel polish is removed

How to care for nails after gel polish is removed

1. Choose a nail polish remover with VE
Be sure to choose a mild and non-irritating nail polish remover from regular gel polish manufacturers, preferably with repairing ingredients such as vitamin E.

2. "Moisturize" the nails
Due to long-term exposure, plus the "addiction" of manicures, it is always necessary to remove the nails, or it is easy to cause the "moisture loss" of the nails. At this time, using nail base oil frequently can lock the moisture of the nails like applying hand cream.

3. Use lemonade to repair yellowing nails
Soak yellowed nails in lemon water, one lemon and half a cup of water, once a week for 15 minutes. This can effectively solve the problems of yellowing and brittle nails due to excessive use of gel polish and nail remover.

4. Two manicures should be at least 4 weeks apart
Two manicures should be done at least 4 weeks apart. "The regeneration cycle after the nail surface film is worn is about 28 days!" Try not to grind your nails during manicures, and even if you do, don't grind them too often. When your nails are thin and brittle, it's a sign that manicures are too short.

5. Can not be used to rub the nails violently
Nail polish remover should not be used to rub the nails violently. Using it to rub the nail surface will make the nail surface dull and dull. The correct way is to press the cotton pad dipped in nail polish remover on the nails for 5 seconds, and the gel polish will fall off naturally. If it still doesn't clear, you can do it again.

6. Proper massage
When using some special nail products or hand cream, massage around the nails properly to promote the blood circulation of the skin around the nails, provide more nutrients for the nails, and make the nails emit natural brilliance.

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