Introduction to the use of nail polish types
Introduction to the use of nail polish types


Introduction to the use of nail polish types

There are currently more than 10 nail polishes, each of which has many colors, and their characteristics and methods of use are different. Let’s talk about several commonly used nail polishes.


1. Pure color glue: It is the nail polish glue, QQ glue, Barbie glue, etc., which are used when making solid color nail art. It is the most important type of nail polish glue in the nail shop.

This nail polish contains large sequins or small glitter of different colors, which can make a shiny effect.


2. Luminous glue: nail art that can shine at night.

The principle is to absorb and store ultraviolet rays during the day, and then release various colors of light at night. The more light absorbed by the luminous glue, the brighter the light emitted.


3. Metal glue: This kind of glue is different from the ordinary glue we use, because the metal glue belongs to the shimmer glue, and it can dry naturally when the sun is full.

The durability of metal glue is not as long as nail polish, and it can generally last for about a week.


4. Painted glue: the biggest feature of painted glue, high color saturation.

Painted glue has a great advantage, it can replace painted paints, and it can also be used for solid-color nail art.


5. Cat's eye glue: Su Ka's favorite is cat's eye glue, but the color of cat's eye glue must be selected. The color is good for western style, but not rustic.

After the cat's eye glue is applied to the nails, you need to place a special cat's eye magnet stick on the nail polish surface, close to but not touching the nail surface, the effect will appear immediately after 1.5 seconds, and then the lamp will be illuminated.


6. Granulated sugar gum: There are micro-particles like granulated sugar in the granulated sugar gum. The biggest feature is that it has a strong sense of three-dimensionality.

Most of the colors are sweet and fresh, especially suitable for some Japanese nails and cute styles of nails.



Nail polish is stored correctly

Very important For those who like nail art, the most depressing thing is that there is a problem with the nail polish glue, such as: dry glue, colored blocks in the glue.

This is not only difficult to apply, but also affects the beauty of the nail art.

Therefore, friends should keep the nail polish glue correctly and prolong the service life.


1. The shelf life of the nail polish glue: The main component of the nail polish glue is natural resin, which will solidify under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, rather than volatilize.

Generally speaking, the shelf life of nail polish is about 2 years, and it can be stored for three years if it is not opened.

In the process of manicure, do not cover the bottle cap, the nail polish glue is exposed to the air for a long time.



The correct way to save

1. When buying nail polish glue, choose a sealed bottle cap

2. Put the nail polish glue in a cool place and avoid sunlight

3. Cover the bottle cap after use and be sure to tighten it

4. Don't forget to clean the cap after using the nail polish glue.

5. Avoid contact with ultraviolet light, and don't let the residual light of the phototherapy lamp shine on the nail polish.

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