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Any nail technician worth his salt will tell you that preparation is key to getting the best results for clients.  If you do the basics correctly, your client's manicure will look great and last a long time.  You can achieve this by using a quality basecoat. A good base coat is essential.  The 'cherry-on-top' of the preparation is a good base coat.  What is a basecoat?  What are the benefits of applying one? What is a basecoat? It helps gel polish stick to clients nails. Without it, the gel polish system will not work.  A base coat is more than that.  The base coat acts as a barrier to protect clients' nails from nail polish damage.  A good base coat can prevent stains and peeling.  Base coats are often fortified with vitamins, calcium, and vitamin E. They can protect nails from breaking or splitting, and are especially useful for manis that have dark, bright, glittery, or otherwise very pigmented varnishes.
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