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The cat eye flick has landed directly on your nails this fall. Instagram is awash with a new trend called "cat eye nails". This look is a diagonal line that runs through the middle of the nail. It's very similar to cat eyes. Some lines are straight while others are wonky and some are thick while others are thinner. We've seen most of them use a metallic stripe to make a luminous design. However, you can achieve this look with any nail color. This trend looks a lot like real cat eyes. It is also difficult to replicate. To create the diagonal stripes, paint a base coat with metallic nail polish. You can make your nails look like cats eyes by moving the metallic pigments in your nail bed in the desired direction with a small magnet. The shape of your metallic polish will depend on where you point the magnet. There are already special cat eye nail kits that include all the tools needed to achieve the metallic look. You can also skip the accessories and use a thin brush or toothpick to create a unique flick on the nail's middle.
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