Teach you how to remove nail gel polish
Teach you how to remove nail gel polish

Teach you how to remove nail gel polish

Many people like to do manicures, but they don't like to remove gel polish. I believe many girls feel this way. Next, hipsterr will teach you how to easily remove gel polish without going out.

There are three layers of nails in total, and if the gel polish is forcibly peeled off, there is a good chance that two layers of nails will form. This can lead to brittle or even injured nails. In addition, some gel polishes are equipped with drills. Use a sander to remove the gel polishes around the drills to leave some gaps. Then grab a part with pliers and remove it. After removing one, there will be some more space, and then remove it with pliers until all are removed. Finally, the remaining crystal glue is removed with a sander. Then start removing the gel polish.

1. Use a rubbing strip to scrape off the surface layer, pour the nail remover into a clean container, and then soak the nails for ten minutes.
2. After soaking, the gel polish on the nails becomes soft. We use the dead skin to push off the gel polish on the nails. Slowly do not hurt the fingers. After scraping the gel polish, if there is any residue, use a rubbing strip. Grind again. Finally, wash your hands and apply nutritious oil to protect the skin near the nails.
3. After the gel polish is processed, if there are residues on the nails, you can use a rubbing strip to polish the nail surface of the nails. After rubbing, you can wash your hands clean, and then apply nutritional oil to protect the nails and nearby skin.

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