What is a gel polish manicure?
What is a gel polish manicure?

What is a gel polish manicure?
A gel polish manicure uses a saturated gel that looks and acts like nail polish, but is technically a gel. You need to do a primer, 2-3 coats of color, then finish with a top coat. Each layer of polish must be cured under UV or LED light. After the topcoat has been treated in the light, rubbing alcohol must be used to remove the flamboyant (or inhibited layer).

Can gel polish cure without UV or LED lights?
No, not actually. I think you could theoretically dispose of your UV gel polish, but the time to fully dry would be very irregular, depending on its strength, the brand you use, the chemistry of your nails, etc. I have never tried sun buffing with a fully dry gel, nor do I recommend it. In any case, just buy a UV light or LED light. They are not that expensive.

What is the difference between UV lamps and LED lamps?
LED light can fix gel sheen (primer, shadow and top coat) in 30-60 seconds. The bulbs last as long as the lamps and don't need to be replaced. UV light treats gel gloss in 2-3 minutes. Because I've actually just used LED lights. It usually states on the gel gloss container how long to cure in LED and how long to treat in UV. The bulbs in UV lamps do need to be replaced regularly.

Will Gel Polishes Ruin Your Nails?
Gel polish itself won't damage your nails, but improper removal can definitely damage your nails. If you do it right, a gel polish should keep your nails in good shape. Acetone used for removal does dry out your nails, which can also weaken them. Never fear, there are many remedies for this problem.

Can I use regular nail polish and gel polish?
No, you can't light cure regular nail polish, and you can't use it like a gel polish. The formulation of gel polish is completely different. Allegedly, there are ways you can use regular nail polish with a gel polish. Usually, these methods will not last as long as a regular gel nail polish manicure, however, they do last longer than a regular regular nail polish manicure. The original method, the first method: use a normal nail gloss between a gel gloss base and a top coat. The key is to let the regular nail polish dry completely before applying the top coat. 24 hours is usually recommended. Second technique, regular nail polish instead of gel: Do regular gel polish, however, avoid shadows or just go for sheer color. After removing the sticky layer, apply a regular nail gloss over the gel gloss. The third way, turning it into a gel: Convert regular nail polish directly into a gel.

Why are gel polish containers opaque?
As you probably recognize by now, gel polish requires UV light to heal. Ultraviolet or LED lights speed up this process and make it happen for a set amount of time, but sunlight and light from bulbs also contain ultraviolet light. These rays eventually heal the gel polish, which is why the gel polish container is opaque. It protects the gel polish from any UV rays to make sure it doesn't get processed inside the bottle.

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