Make my own gel polish Custom gel nail polish manufacturers
Make my own gel polish Custom gel nail polish manufacturers

Make my own gel polish Custom gel nail polish manufacturers
Design your own nail gel polish bottle Custom gel nail polish manufacturers

Must pay attention to details

In our life, we can see all kinds of bottles everywhere, such as beverage bottles, wine bottles, ceramic bottles, glass bottles, gel polish bottles, etc. Some bottles make us feel amazing, while others Very ordinary, even ugly, which has to do with the design of the bottle. So, how to do a good bottle design, let's briefly talk about the general process of bottle design.
First of all, when receiving a bottle design commission, you should communicate with customers substantively. At the beginning of receiving the customer's intention, the designer did not conceive based on experience, but repeatedly communicated with the customer to understand the customer's detailed requirements and process effects, and collected all the materials needed for the design. Things like gel polish bottles and label design can require communication with customers.

Secondly, before designing the bottle shape, the bottle shape designer must conduct market research, clarify customer requirements, draw on the strengths of similar products in the same industry, be familiar with the company's molding equipment and production technology level, and establish the initial concept of the designed product. After mastering the customer's detailed information, we will carry out careful conception and artistic design. With first-class design ability, we can create creative conception and artistic design. Make your gel polish brand more prominent.

Furthermore, after the bottle design scheme is initially determined, it should be submitted to the customer for review and opinions. The wine bottle design company reviews the sample draft by the customer, absorbs the customer's revision opinions, tempers it again, and passes the customer's initial review. Then, the mud mold is engraved with the sample draft that has passed the preliminary review of the customer, so that the customer can feel the intuitive product shape. When gel polish customers are satisfied with the bottle design, they are more than halfway through.

Finally, after the final plan is determined, it is necessary to open the mold for confirmation. After the mud mold is confirmed, it should be handed over to the mold department of the cosmetic gel polish factory to draw engineering drawings, and determine the important dimensions of the mold, bottleneck, capacity and other important dimensions for the customer. Fill it with some gel polish samples to experience the final effect of the bottle.

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