Nail polish manufacturer
Nail polish manufacturer

Nail polish manufacturer

Nail polish, make efforts to create healthier and more environmentally friendly products for women's second face, wholesale, export trade, nail polish factory direct sales, primary source. The rankings of the customers who cooperate with us are far ahead, and the mid-to-high-end products have stable performance and guaranteed quality.

1. Does not contain toxic substances such as esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene): no harm to health, especially no stimulation to the respiratory tract and nervous system, and will not affect hormone secretion
2. No damage to the nails: After repeated use of ordinary oily nail polish on the nails, the nails will turn yellow, brittle, delaminated and deformed. kind of problem
3. Nail polish contains a large amount of nanomaterials, which greatly improves the drying speed of water-based nail polish and enhances the strength, abrasion resistance and impact resistance of the nail polish surface.
4. Using the latest self-crosslinking enhancement technology in the world, the dried nail polish film can form a dense three-dimensional network structure. Its water resistance, abrasion resistance and scratch resistance are greatly improved.
5. Nail polish adopts core-shell emulsion polymerization technology in the production process, so that the surface of the dried nail polish film has high hardness and luster, and the whole nail polish film has the same flexibility as human nails. Hard and soft". When human nails are bent or deformed, the nail polish film can be firmly attached to the nails without cracking or falling off.
6. Color paste, titanium dioxide paste, pearl powder, sequins, etc. can be added to the base material in proportion, without layering or sinking to the bottom. Can be mixed with water-based solid color oil, water-based pearlescent oil, and water-based sequin oil.

China have many Nail polish manufacturers, but now, gel polish is more popular then nail polish, so most of manufacturers provide gel polish wholesale now. if you want to find a nail polish supplier and get naip polish wholesale price, you can contact the gel polish manufacturer to know more.

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