When is the extension glue used
When is the extension glue used


When is the extension glue used?

The extension glue is used before the curing lamp. The steps for making nail art are: rubbing, peeling, lighting, and removing the paper holder. Extension glue is the first choice for nail art. It lasts for a very long time. Generally, it is not a problem to keep it for one month. It’s better to make patterns on the extended nail glue oil, and the taste itself is very small.


How to extend the nail extension gel

1. After polishing, apply the sealing layer and start lighting;

2. Take a piece of paper support and paste it on the finger to be extended nail;

3. If it is not suitable, you can tear the paper support and paste it again;

4. Prepare the extender, and dip the flat-mouth light therapy pen into the appropriate amount of extender;

5. First apply the paper support to the part of the paper support other than the nail link;

6. Then apply the nail face;

7. Finally, the lamp can be cured.


What happens if the extension glue is too thick

Many manicurists believe that the more extension gel is applied, the better. After applying too much extension gel and drying under the nail lamp, the nails will become firmer and smoother. In fact, it’s not a good thing to extend the glue too much. The glue itself will cure and set. It needs to absorb some heat. If you apply too much, the time the hand will be under the nail lamp will be longer and it will absorb more heat. , There is a feeling of burning and tingling when the hand is in the nail lamp. In the nail art process, if there is any discomfort, you must tell the manicurist, after all, they are professional, they will know how to deal with these situations. If your hands are sore when the baking nail lamp appears, take your hands out to dissipate heat, and then put your hands into the nail lamp after a while, and then apply a thin layer of phototherapy glue on your nails. , To apply evenly, apply a layer after drying and then apply another layer, you can apply 2 to 3 layers, the nail art will be more durable, and the damage to the opponent will be reduced.

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