Nail Gel polish FAQ collection 1
Nail Gel polish FAQ collection 1

Nail gel polish has been accepted by many nail shops and consumers. Because of its good gloss, high brightness, longer maintenance cycle and no bad smell, it has become the mainstream of nail art. However, newbies still have many questions about nail gel polish. Today, the editor has sorted out some common questions about nail gel polish. Those who don't understand it, come and take a look!

What should I do if the gel polish is not applied well?

1. Nail gel polish is not evenly applied.
When taking the gel, first scrape the brush slightly inside the bottle mouth. It should be noted that the brush head cannot be scraped too cleanly. It is necessary to keep one side with gel polish, and then slowly brush out a thin layer of color. Here Remind everyone that light-colored glue needs to be colored multiple times to make the color appear even!
2. Nail gel polish is applied to the skin.
We can start painting from a distance of 0.5mm from the inner edge of the nail surface, and pay attention to pressing the brush slightly when applying.

Why does nail gel polish have bubbles?

1. There is too much dragging back and forth when applying nail polish, so we need to apply one-way when coloring.
2. The products used may have problems in production. It is recommended that parents buy genuine brands with good reputation to avoid similar situations.

What is the reason for the wrinkling of nail gel polish?

This happens because:
1. The gel polish is too thick.
In this case, only the nail gel polish on the surface can usually be dried, and the bottom gel is not completely dry, so when applying the nail polish gel in the future, you need to apply a thin layer. Friends who are afraid of false colors can add more Coloring again!
2. Pull out the handle on the way of uv lighting.
During the lighting time, taking out the phototherapy lamp for some reason will also cause wrinkling, especially the curious and active people should pay attention to it!
3. Lamp aging.
The function of the phototherapy lamp will gradually weaken if it is used for a long time. Insufficient phototherapy lamp power will cause wrinkling, it is recommended to replace the gel polish uv lamp regularly to avoid the occurrence of the situation.

Nail Gel polish has particles?

1. The nail surface is not clean, so you need to use alcohol to scrub the nail surface after each polishing.
2. The small particles on the bottle mouth are taken down by the brush head. It is recommended that when applying gel, you should ensure that the nail surface is clean and the bottle cap is cleaned regularly to avoid similar situations.
3. There is a problem in the production of the product used. It is also recommended that you buy a genuine brand with a good reputation to avoid similar situations.

What's the problem with discoloration of nail gel polish?

1. The top coat gel is too thick.
Repeated application of the top coat gel more than two times will cause the color cast to appear. In fact, each brand will have a little yellowing phenomenon, but if you find that the nail gel polish is seriously yellowing, it may be the quality of the product used. It is recommended that you buy an authentic brand with a good reputation to avoid similar situations. occur.
2. The influence of fluorescer
In order to make the top coat more transparent, some products will add fluorescer, which will affect the color of the nail gel polish, causing color difference, and the fluorescer will also cause harm to the body.

Where is the problem with nail gel polish shrinkage?

This problem often occurs in:
1. The nail surface is not clean.
The surface of the nails is not cleaned carefully enough, the grease film on the surface is not thoroughly cleaned, or the real nails are not protected after cleaning, and the surface of the nails is constantly touched.
2. Grease from outside contact.
The adhesion of external grease to the nail surface can easily lead to shrinkage. For example, when customers are doing manicures, eating some greasy food may cause grease to stick to the nails.
3. Product problems.
If parents find that the nail gel polish is seriously shrinking, it may be that there is a problem with the quality of the products used. It is recommended that parents buy genuine brands with good reputation to avoid similar situations.

Why does my nail gel polish fall off easily?

Common reasons are:
1. Wear and tear in daily life and problems with the nail itself.
In daily life, the nails are prone to wear and tear. Excessive wear will cause the nail gel polish to fall off easily. If the nails are thin and soft, they are more likely to fall off, so pay attention to the daily protection of the nails.
2. There is a problem with the method itself.
Every time you do a manicure, remember to do a good job of edging to prevent the nail polish from falling off.
3. Not using products of the same brand.
It is more reliable to use products of the same brand and series when applying nail polish. In the premise of not fully understanding the product characteristics, the mixed use of different brands of products is likely to cause adverse consequences.
Well, we are hipsterr gel polish manufacturer here, we have learned the above questions, have a deeper understanding of gel polish, and hope to help friends who like gel polish. In the next article, we will continue to learn more about gel polish.

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