Nail gel polish FAQ collection 2
Nail gel polish FAQ collection 2

Everyone has a love for beauty. In the last article, we learned about some common problems with gel polish and helped some friends. They contacted my colleague mandy, and let me update the next article to learn more. Knowledge, we are also happy to share it with you.

Why is the nail gel polish not dry?
1. Because there are too many adhesives for nail polish glue, the adhesive only needs a thin layer. (Correct dosage: only 0.1ml for one pair of hands)
2. The light of the phototherapy lamp is not enough or the lamp tube in the phototherapy lamp is aging. The right way: check the equipment, replace the faulty lamp or phototherapy machine.
3. The lighting time is too short, and the nail surface curing is incomplete. The correct way: Make sure that the lighting time is not less than 60 seconds to 120 seconds each time.
4. The angle of the nail surface is not facing the light, and it is not fully illuminated. Correct way: put your hand straight when lighting, and operate the lighting with your thumb alone.

Why does the nail gel polish have cracks?
1. The top coat is too thin and needs to be applied twice. If the top coat is too thin, the hardness is not enough, and it is easy to be worn by heavy objects.
2. Use a disposable sealer. Because the no-clean top coat is cured without elasticity, it is brittle. The nail polish is very elastic and cannot keep the disposable sealant from being deformed or cracked. It is determined to use a detachable scrubbing sealant.
3. The real nail is too thin and too soft, and it is easy to be deformed by force, and the surface of long-term deformation and stretching is prone to fatigue damage. The correct way: After the soft nails are glued, a layer of removable transparent model glue is applied to increase the hardness of the nails.

Nail gel polish does not light up after sealing?
1. The cleaning method is wrong, and the cleaning is not clean and thorough. The correct way: clean with gel water, do not rub the nail surface back and forth, wash one nail with a cotton pad, and wash each nail twice.
2. The top coat gel should be wiped twice: 2 minutes for the first time, and 4-6 minutes for the second time, the curing hardness is insufficient. The right way: strictly abide by the lighting time standard
3. The correct way: It should be covered with two thin top coat gel. After the wipe top coat is illuminated, wait until the hands are completely cooled before scrubbing. When the hands are still warm, the scrubbing will not appear bright or foggy.

What should I do if there are small bubbles during the use of nail gel polish?
If there are small air bubbles during application, just use the brush to gently brush and gently pull down.

How to prevent the edge of nail gel polish glue when smearing?
When smearing, leave a distance of 0.8 mm from the back edge of the nail to avoid sticking to the skin of the finger to prevent the edge from being easily raised.

How to prevent the nail gel polish from coming off or the edge of the nail?
1. The nail gel polish applied too close to the edge of the finger skin or too thick near the finger skin will cause it to come off easily.
2. The front edge of the nail should be gently wrapped to prevent the front edge of the nail from opening.

Why can't the nail gel polish be removed or removed cleanly?
1. The non-wipe top coat is used on the surface, so that the nail polish remover cannot penetrate the nail gel polish. (You can grind off the non-removable seal layer first)
2. The nails wrapped with tin foil are not tightly enough, so that the nail remover is easy to volatilize, does not play a good sealing effect, and cannot be removed cleanly. Correct: Cut the tin foil as large as possible to completely cover the nail and ensure that there are no holes.
3. The wrapping time is too short, and the nail polish remover does not completely penetrate the nail polish. The Right Way: Make sure the wrapping time is no less than 5 minutes.

Well, we are hipsterr gel polish manufacturer here, we have learned the above questions, have a deeper understanding of gel polish, and hope to help friends who like gel polish. In the next article, we will continue to learn more about gel polish.

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