The correct use of cat’s eye glue
The correct use of cat’s eye glue


The correct use of cat's eye glue

Cat's eye glue is an upgraded product of nail polish. Cat's eye glue is added with magnet powder on the basis of nail polish, so that it can form a light band effect after being reflected by light. As far as the effect is concerned, the ratio of cat's eye glue is Nail polish is even more dazzling. For this new product, many friends said that they don't know how to use cat's eye gel.


1. How to apply cat's eye glue? The application method of cat's eye glue is the same as that of general nail polish, except that after applying cat's eye glue, you need to use a nail suction sheet to suck 3mm away from the nail surface for 3-5 seconds to illuminate the lamp. .


2. When we apply the cat's eye gel, we can apply two layers in total, or three times according to the actual situation, but if the number of times is too large, the effect will not be good. When applying multiple layers, we usually illuminate the light when applying the first layer, and then apply the last layer of nails to the nails for a few seconds, wait until the desired effect appears, and then illuminate the light. .


3. In order to prevent the cat's eye glue from dispersing, it is recommended to do it one finger at a time. Don't wait for the fingers to get the disposable light for convenience. Because the magnet tool for attracting cat's eyes is a powerful magnet, the distance between the two fingers is too close, it is easy to be affected without curing.


4. Before applying the cat's eye glue, it is necessary to apply a black primer first, so that the effect will be darker than the direct application of the cat's eye glue, and the metallic feeling and the sense of starry sky will be more prominent. And when you use the magnet at different tilt angles, you can also make cat-eye light in different directions.

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