What is rubber base gel used for?
What is rubber base gel used for?

What is rubber base gel used for?

The role of base coat gel is to protect the base
Phototherapy base coat gel is also called binding agent. In the phototherapy gel nail, the binding agent is to make the natural nail and the phototherapy nail material (that is, the phototherapy glue) closely bonded. The base coat gel can protect the nail and isolate the erosion of the nail polish. The base coat gel can be used as an adhesive to enhance the adhesion of the nail polish on the nails, and at the same time, by evenly applying the base coat gel, it can lay a platform for the subsequent application of the nail polish.
Apply base coat gel to clean the dust on the wall. For the simplest example, apply glue before applying putty on the wall. For the purpose of sealing, the original wall and the putty layer form a layer of glue in the middle. The film can play a good role in sealing the wall. In this way, even if your original wall is chalked or pan-alkali, because there is a layer of plastic film inside, the appearance will be minimally affected, so there are many different bases. coat gel, but they all have a function, which is to play a protective role.
There are two types of base coat gel: removable and non-removable. Removable means that it can be peeled off naturally. Non-removable means that you need to use some nail tools to remove the nail polish. The base coat is the type of nail polish. The rubber base coat gel is the nail polish. The two categories cannot be used in common and cannot be applied to the other. The nail adhesive is generally not called this name, but the binder is also called the base coat gel.

The pursuit of beauty is an instinct of people. With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and manicure has become a way for women to pursue beauty in the new era.
So before doing manicure, manicurists will polish their nails and then apply a layer of base coat gel, so what is the function of base coat gel? Let's have a look!
1. Base coat gel is a kind of phototherapy glue. It is a transparent or light flesh-colored glue containing adhesive components.

2. Nail base coat gel is to protect the nails and prevent the nails from falling off. Applying base coat gel before manicure is a common-sense operation. Only after applying base coat gel, the subsequent application of nail polish will not cause damage to the nails. At the same time, base coat gel can also make nail polish adhere more firmly. On the nails, it can increase the time of use of the manicure to increase the durability.
3. The base coat gel can protect the nails to maintain a healthy color after the manicure is removed, and the nails will not be yellowed or corroded due to the long-term retention of the nail polish, so this layer of base coat gel polish also plays a protective and isolation role.

4. Many girls will not keep a manicure for too long, and basically change a color for a period of time. Therefore, if the manicure is changed frequently in a short period of time, the nail base coat gel plays a very critical protective role. With this base coat gel it will also be easier to remove manicures. The nail polish will not hurt the nails during phototherapy after applying nail polish.

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