How to use builder gel in a bottle on natural nails
How to use builder gel in a bottle on natural nails

How to use builder gel in a bottle on natural nails

  In our daily life, we often see people sticking nails when doing manicures. Nail tips are used to extend the nails, and gel polish or builder gel is also used to extend the nails. The two have the same effect.

First polish the nail surface with a polishing pad, clean the nail surface, apply a layer of primer on the nail, and dry it with a light. Take an appropriate amount of crystal glue on the nail tips, dip it in clean water with a row pen, and push the crystal glue away. Place the nail tips on the nail surface, use a phototherapy lamp for 60 seconds to dry, remove the model nail tips and carefully polish and correct the nail shape.
Is it expensive to extend the manicure or the nail piece?
Extending the builder gel polish will be a bit more expensive, because it is more realistic than the nail tips, and it looks very natural. Even the bare nails look good, but it will be a little troublesome to remove. You can choose to extend the builder gel polish or paste the nail tips according to your own preferences.

How to use builder gel in a bottle on natural nails
1. First put base coat gel on the nails, then put the paper support on the nails, and then apply the first layer of extension hard gel.

2. Bake and dry, then apply a layer of extension builder gel, and bake thoroughly again.

3. Remove the paper holder on the nail, and use a nail file to correct the surface and surrounding of the nail.

4. Finally, apply top coat gel polish, wrap the edges, and bake it again.

We will give some Nail maintenance method here:

First of all, manicures are easily damaged by the outside world, so avoid nail wear and tear, and do not use your fingernails to open bottle caps, pull hair clips, etc. If doing housework, you can wear plastic gloves.

Secondly, if you find that the edge of the nail is cracked, you can apply two coats of nail polish to repair the crack and trim it in time.

Again, on the bedside table and desk at home, nail clippers and hand cream should be available for immediate access.

Finally, if your nails are discolored from prolonged use of dark tri-color nail polish, treat them with lemon. Wipe with half a fresh lemon every day for two weeks.

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