how to apply rubber base coat
how to apply rubber base coat

how to apply rubber base coat

  base coat is to protect the nails and prevent the nails from falling off. Only after the base coat gel is applied, the subsequent application of nail gel polish will not cause damage to the nails. At the same time, the base coat can also make the nail polish more firmly attached to the nails, which can increase the time and durability of the nail art.The base coat primer can protect the nails to maintain a healthy color after the manicure is removed, so this base coat gel polish also acts as a protection and isolation. The nail polish will not damage the nails during phototherapy.

Nail rubber base coat gel polish plays a transitional role. How to use it: first apply a layer of permanent primer, then apply nail gel polish, and finally apply a layer of sealant. and we have the best rubber base coat gel polish, and we are best gel polish manufacturer in china.
The specific steps of manicure:
1. Exfoliate dead skin
After all ten fingernails were polished, soak them in warm soapy water. After a few minutes, rub the epidermis softener on the base of the nail. Push back the dead skin around the nail with the wooden dead skin stick, and finally use the corner clippers to cut off the jagged dead skin and barbs on the edge of the nail. The link of exfoliation is particularly important and prone to accidents.
2. Polishing
Use the second side of the polishing cotton to gently grind off the dull cuticle on the surface of the nail. The force of slipping should not be too large, and the nail should be polished to a smooth level. Then use the third and fourth sides of the polishing cotton to polish the nails in sequence. At this time, the bright and smooth color of the nails has the effect of being coated with transparent nail gel polish.
3. Cleaning and maintenance
Wrap the cotton on one end of the exfoliating stick, then dip it in the nail epidermis maintenance oil, and gently wipe the nail surface. You can also use olive oil or cream instead of moisturizing to soften the nails. This link can be done distracted in the idle phase of the cold field.
4. Apply primer base coat
Finally, apply a layer of base coat gel polish containing nutrients on the nails, and the best rubber base coat gel in one step plays an important role that cannot be ignored. Just like applying a primer when applying makeup, only when the foundation is laid can the color of the nail gel polish look good and at the same time protect the nails.

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