how to use gel nail polish
how to use gel nail polish

Another name for nail gel polish is nail gel paint, which is derived from paint and can be applied directly on the nails to make the nails brighter.Play a beautifying effect. The function of nail polish is the same as that of nail polish, but the ingredients are completely different. It is a kind of phototherapy glue.
It is a resin, similar to plastic. The method of operation is completely different from that of nail polish, requiring binder, colored nail polish and sealant, and each application
One layer requires a UV light to harden. The advantage of it is that the hardness and gloss are better than nail polish, and it lasts for a long time.

how to use gel nail polish?
Briefly describe the operation steps and precautions for scrubbing nail gel polish? According to the professional operation steps, how long can nail gel polish last on real nails?

1. Grinding (lightly polish the nail surface with a sponge file), clean (wipe off dust and grease with cleaning liquid)
2. Apply balancing liquid (Primer, natural air drying, no lighting required)
3. Apply primer and illuminate for 30s (Base Coat, be careful to brush it thinly, too thick it will easily dry out or wrinkle)
4. Apply the first layer of color and light it for 30s (Color Coat, be careful to brush it thinly, too thick it will easily dry out or wrinkle)
5. Apply the second layer of color and light it for 30s (depending on the color, decide whether to apply the second or third layer)
6. top coat, lighting 60s
7. Remove oil slick with cleaning solution (if you use a scrub sealer, this step is required; if you use a no-clean sealer, this step is omitted.)
During the whole operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the color brushing thin, and pay attention to the action of the edge, and the lighting time of the last layer of sealing layer can be slightly longer;
It can be kept on hand for about 1 month, and factors such as nail quality and labor intensity will greatly affect the retention time.
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