When is the reinforcement gel of nail gel polish used?
When is the reinforcement gel of nail gel polish used?

When is the reinforcement gel of nail gel polish used?

Nail reinforcement gel is not needed by everyone, and reinforcement gel is used in the following two situations: If the nails are uneven or the nails are thin and soft, you can apply a layer of reinforcement gel after the primer, and then brush the nail polish gel. That is, the reinforcement steps should be: base coat gel -reinforcing gel-color coat gel-top coat gel.
If you find that the nail surface is uneven or you want to reinforce and paste the jewelry after making the style, you can brush the reinforced plastic light and then seal it.

Reinforcement gel should be used after polishing and base coat, and use them in the order of base coat, reinforcement gel, color gel, and top gel, because only after the nail surface is base coat, other gels can be used. The base coat directly uses reinforcement gel, which may lead to insufficient viscosity of the gel or uneven nail surface, so it is better to use it after the base coat surface is leveled to increase the viscosity. In manicure, various gels should be used in accordance with the principle of making the nail surface smooth, tidy and good-looking. There are established orders and the selection of various gels can be flexibly adjusted.

The use of nail polish reinforcement gel

There are two functions: increase nail thickness, improve color gel and top coat gel duration. The first is the increase in the thickness of the nails, because many people's nails are very thin, and they are easy to break if the hardness is not enough. The reinforcement gel can increase the thickness and hardness, which can avoid this situation, and then the duration of other gels increases.

Does the nail polish reinforcement gel not dry?
It can be dried but takes a long time. It takes longer than the base coat and sealant to be illuminated. Generally, it takes at least 2 minutes to dry. If the power of the nail lamp is low, the baking time can be extended. , make sure it is completely dry before applying another nail gel polish.

In which step is the nail polish reinforcement gel used?
It is used after the base coat, and it can be used immediately after the base coat. After the base coat is applied and the light dries, the reinforcement can be applied. The steps are actually very simple. It is between the color gel and the base coat, which is normal. In other words, it strengthens the bottom layer of the nail.

Can nail polish reinforcement gel be used as a top coat gel?
Can not. top coat gel is generally brighter in color, and it is easier to bake and dry. The luster of the reinforcing gel is not strong and the color is not bright. Using it as a sealant manicure will not have a very shiny feeling. It doesn't look good, so I can't use it as a top coat gel.

How to remove nail polish reinforcement gel
Unloading with nail polish remover or nail polish remover is the same as other gel removal methods. You can also remove the reinforcement gel while removing other gels. If not, use balsamic essence or 75% medical alcohol to wipe, but it is more recommended to use special medicine for removing armor.

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