How to wash nail gel polish off clothes ?
How to wash nail gel polish off clothes ?

How to wash nail gel polish off clothes ?
The treatment method of gel polish on clothes is very simple. First, prepare balsamic essence, toothbrush and a basin of water, and then take an appropriate amount of balsamic essence and apply it evenly on the position where the nail gel polish is stained. If the clothes are pure cotton Dip a small amount of balsamic essence several times, then slowly brush the surface of the clothes with a toothbrush, and finally wash it off with warm water. If there is still a small amount of traces on the clothes, you can use a cotton swab dipped in air essence to reapply, and then hang the clothes in a cool and ventilated place.
When nail gel polish gets onto the clothes, you can use professional nail remover to wipe it, or you can use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to deal with it. These two methods are the easiest and best. If the nail gel polish is stained on the clothes, it should be dealt with quickly, otherwise, even if the nail gel polish is washed off, there will still be hard stains on the clothes, which will definitely affect the overall beauty of the clothes. If you don't have nail gel polish remover and alcohol at home, you can soak white vinegar in the water and wash your clothes as you normally would.

What to do if gel polish gets on your hair
If the gel polish gets on the hair, first wipe the dry area with a wet towel, then gently wipe the hair with acetone-free gel polish remover to wash off the remaining gel polish. Although the nail gel polish has disappeared, the smell of the nail gel polish remover will remain on the hair, so it is best to wash the hair thoroughly if you have time. After washing, you can apply some essential oils, creams, etc. to the area to moisturize and care for the hair.

Is nail gel polish harmful to the body?
Nail polish is almost harmless to the body, because the main components of nail gel polish are resin and pigment, so it does not contain harmful gases and will not harm the body. However, the quality of nail gel polish on the market is uneven, and some three-free nail gel polish contain carcinogenic substances, so we try to buy professional nail gel polish. Although nail gel polish is not harmful to the body, it can also corrode nails and affect skin breathing when used frequently.

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