Best gel polish for nail art
Best gel polish for nail art

Best gel polish for nail art

   1,000 years ago, Chinese women recorded the use of beeswax, protein and gelatin to make cosmetics for their nails. The maintenance of human hands and nail grooming have long been a symbol of human social status, and nails are the most exciting part of the hand. In the 1930s, nail beauty in the modern sense began to appear in Europe and the United States. As a result, a variety of fashionable manicure methods came into being, and became popular all over the world for their simplicity and personalization. In the 1980s, with the continuous maturity of UV curing technology, a new nail beauty technology commonly known as "phototherapy manicure" appeared in Europe and the United States. The 21st century has also developed rapidly, especially in the past ten years, the market has become more and more popular. With the introduction of "phototherapy manicure" technology, nail beauty places in cities and towns in my country have gradually developed a craze for nail gel.

The gel material of gel polish is used both for nail gel "strengthening" and for nail gel "touch-up". The concept of gel "strengthening" is that the manicure can change the shape etc. of the native natural nail (natural nail); the concept of gel "retouching" is that the manicure can change the appearance and color of the native natural nail, but is coated with gel Does not increase the length of the nails.

In recent years, gel polish has been widely used in the nail art. Compared with general nail polish, gel polish itself has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxicity, health and safety, and it is compatible with the common characteristics of gel and nail polish. The advantage is that the color is full and clear, it is easy to apply, and the gloss remains longer, so gel polish gradually replaces nail polish.

so if you go to nail art salon and store, you can find out they use best gel polish for nail art, and they are very professional. we are produce gel polish for them, Let's make girls' hands more beautiful and delicate together.

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