How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home 10 Tips with gel polish
How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home 10 Tips with gel polish

How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home 10 Tips with gel polish
Hello, today we will introduce you some useful tips to keep your nails healthy and strong with gel polish.
Every girl loves manicure, But if you often comes do nails, it will have a trouble that your nails become thinner and thinner. so what we do?

Thinner nails are usually the result of excessive filing and improper removal of nail enhancements like jewels, gel nails and acrylics. What’s more, daily life activities can also cause damage to your nails.

10 Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Nails at Home.

1. Wear sanitary ware gloves when washing dishes, sanitizing, or cleaning with harsh chemicals. Because dishwashers and other chemicals can damage your nails, keeping your nails wet and dirty can also encourage bacterial growth.

2. Moisturize your nails with hand cream and cuticle oil to keep them soft and strong. Just like the rest of your body, nails can benefit from being hydrated. So don't forget to take care of your nails when doing skin care.

3. Eat healthy foods that are good for your nails. According to scientific research, vitamins A and C can help make your nails more hydrated and shiny. Vitamin B also strengthens nails. Other elements like zinc can help eliminate vitiligo, and iron can help stop nail ridges from forming. Additionally, it is recommended to add foods rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.

4. Talk to your doctor when your nails are in poor condition. Healthy nails should be pink and have cuticles present. If your nails are unusually colored, or cause frequent pain, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for help.

5. Don't scrub the cuticles of your nails frequently. The cuticle is the protector of the nail bed. Every time you trim and polish your cuticles, you put yourself at risk for bacterial and fungal infections. This is all because cuticle cutters can easily create tiny wounds and give bacteria a chance to get in.

6. Home nail tools are disinfected frequently, and we make sure they are clean. This can be done by cleaning the scissors and files with isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) each time you start manicuring yourself. Remember to use a separate set of tools for your fingers and toes.

7. Don't use harsh nail polish. When buying online or getting your nails done at the salon, try to choose a good quality gel polish that is natural and healthy. Those harsh nail products can weaken and yellow your nails.

8. The base coat and top coat gel must be done by a manicurist. Base coat can help your nail polish or poly gel, fake nail tips stay longer and protect your nails from getting dirty. Top coats are used to make your manicure last longer and with fewer changes.

9. We want to remove nail polish or poly gel properly. Then use a nail rig or mild polish remover instead of forcibly peeling them off, as your nail layers can also be easily damaged and torn off.

10. Remember to let your nails rest for a while after a manicure. Since filing your nails is an essential step in a manicure, your nails will get thinner and thinner as you get them done over and over again. After a certain period of manicure, we must make it strong, otherwise it will easily break and cause nail damage.
Healthier nails make better nails design.

Let's follow the tips to take good care of your nails, then shop all our natural and healthy gel polish products to create your own amazing nail designs! we are professional gel polish manufacturer, if you need safe and healthy, best uv gel polish for you or your brand, please be feel free contact us to get free sample.

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