Perfect Match Gel Polish wholesale
Perfect Match Gel Polish wholesale

Perfect Match Gel Polish wholesale
Today, with the rapid development of the nail industry, there are many kinds of nail products, forming a lot of gel polish brands in the world.
No matter how the industry changes, hipsterr gel polish manufacturer will provide the best quality gel polish to perfect match who wholesale our gel polish, and develop many new styles to lead the trend, so that more female friends can discover their own beauty.
So Let's introduce the Perfect Match Gel Polish wholesale product for you.
1.base coat
we produce base coat gel, they have different colors and effects, for example, rubber base coat is our the main of base coat. The rubber base coat has better toughness, higher viscosity and higher durability than ordinary base coat. its include 3 in 1 ultra strong rubber base coat, neon rubber base coat etc. if will know more please contact us. coat
we can manufacture wipe top coat, no wipe top coat, steel top coat, super matte top coat etc. let's find out the difference of wipe top coat and no wipe top coat. After baking the lamp, you need to use nail polish remover (cleaning liquid) to scrub off the seal layer of the oil slick (slick glue) on the surface, this is wipe top coat.
3.color gel
we are very professional color gel and luxury color gel company, Every day, we will innovate many products, use different materials to achieve different effects, enhance the competitiveness and advantages of our gel polish products, and most importantly, let customers have a better experience. Let our agents and wholesalers also gain a larger market share.
So, hipsterr gel polish manufacturer believe that there is always something that will please you and your customers, and if you want to OEM or wholesale our products, this will be perfect match gel polish wholesale for you.


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