What should I do if the nail polish is a little sticky
What should I do if the nail polish is a little sticky

What should I do if the nail polish is a little sticky
The reasons why the nail gel polish becomes viscous are:
1. Mainly due to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.
2. The contact time with the air is too long, and there is no timely treatment after use.
3. The time in contact with the UV light is too long.

The treatment methods for the viscous nail polish glue are as follows:
1. You can soak with appropriate hot water for about 20 minutes, the water temperature is between 50-60 degrees, or keep the indoor temperature relatively warm.
2. It should be clearly known that when storing such products, you must be careful and not directly place them in a high temperature or low temperature environment. Secondly, after each use of the product, make sure that the bottle is sealed to avoid direct contact with the air for a long time.
3. Avoid contact with uv light, and a series of nail gel polish products should not be exposed to phototherapy lamps!

OK, we will recommend other three ways to solve the sticky nail polish glue:
1. Add a small amount of nail gel polish of the same color, stir it gently with the glue tip, and use the ingredients of the emulsion to make it light and thin;
2. Soak the bottle of nail gel polish with hot water of about 50 degrees, and it will return to its original texture after about ten minutes;
3. Use the diluent specially formulated for the nail gel polish formula and add it to dilute the viscous nail gel polish. Among these three methods, the second one is for the solidification and thickening of nail gel polish due to cold weather, and the other two methods can solve the thickening caused by water loss.

The nail gel polish has thickened, can it be scalded with hot water?
It is indeed possible, but it is not necessarily a solution. If it thickens due to low temperature in winter, this phenomenon is soaked in hot water for about fifteen minutes, and the water in the solidified nail gel polish is dissolved by the temperature, and it will It becomes thinner, but if it thickens for other reasons such as water loss, the hot water bubble won't work well.

Gel polish thickened, can I add water?
can not. The viscosity of gel polish cannot be treated by adding water, because water cannot be directly fused with it, and it is not necessarily thickened due to evaporation of water. Others are thinner and the same color gel polish.

So What should I do if the gel polish has thickened?
1. Same color gel polish
If you find that the gel polish you used has thickened, you can find a thinner nail gel polish of the same color, add it to the bottle, and keep stirring with the glue head. Use these thin ones to neutralize the thick ones before. This problem will be much better.
2. Soak with hot water
In winter, the nail gel polish may thicken. The reason may be low temperature. Soak the bottle with hot water of about 50 degrees, and use the temperature to dissolve the water inside. It will quickly return to normal, but be careful not to use it too hot. water, and do not soak for too long.
3. Use thinner
When formulating nail gel polish glue, there is a special diluent, which can control the viscosity. You can add a little of this diluent to it, and then stir it, but the diluent generally needs to be professional, not ordinary Solvent thinner.

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