What is the difference between gel polish and nail polish
What is the difference between gel polish and nail polish

What is the difference between gel polish and nail polish ?

Nail gel polish is one of the most popular nail polishes on the market now. Almost all nail gel polishes used in nail salons are gel polish, and nail polish is suitable for manicure at home. The main difference between nail polish and nail gel polish is reflected in the product ingredients. Nail gel polish is generally a plant resin component, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Compared with ordinary nail polish, it is easier to remove, and the use experience is much better than that of nail polish. Nail polish forms a film on the surface of the nails to beautify the nails. Its ingredients contain carcinogenic substances, so it is gradually eliminated from the nail art market.

Gel polish has gradually replaced nail polish and become the most important presence in the nail art market. Gel polish is far ahead of nail polish in terms of safety, nail color and durability. The main components of nail polish glue are some resins and photoinitiators, which have better toughness and durability after coating. Nail polish is composed of solid ingredients, pigments, and flashing substances, some of which can affect human health, and the overall color is not as good as nail gel polish.

Can gel polish and nail polish be mixed?
Although gel polish and nail polish are both skin care products for beautifying nails, they cannot be mixed because they have different ingredients and usage methods. And the gel polish needs to be illuminated with a uv lamp, and the nail polish can be dried directly. If the nail polish and nail polish are mixed, it should be dried or dried with a lamp.

Gel polish and nail polish which is harmful ?
It must be that nail polish is very harmful, otherwise it will not be replaced by gel polish. The ingredients of nail polish contain a lot of pigments and flashing substances. The key is that the pigments it adds are toxic artificial pigments. When nail polish is applied, it also smells irritating to the nostrils. Long-term use will definitely cause physical and mental harm. Gel polish is much safer than nail polish. Generally, gel polish is made of plant resin. There are also some good quality raw materials that are used as gel polish. Compared with nail polish, it is very safe.

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