How to apply gel nail polish with UV light
How to apply gel nail polish with UV light

What is the principle of nail gel polish uv lamp ?
In the production of medical devices, ultraviolet rays are used to irradiate the UV bonding part to cause a chemical reaction, so that the adhesive has a good affinity with the accessories surface. Has fast drying and good adhesion.
UV curing principle:
It uses the medium and short wavelengths of UV light (300-800 nanometers) under UV radiation, and the photoinitiator in the liquid UV material is stimulated to become free radicals or cations, thereby triggering the polymerization of polymer materials (resins) containing active functional groups. The process of forming an insoluble and infusible solid coating film.
The lamp of the nail gel polish lamp uses a UV lamp, so it is also called a UV gel polish lamp, which can quickly dry and apply the nail gel polish on the nail surface. In addition to this, it is most often used to make gel nails dry quickly.
In the absence of professional baking lamps, other lighting equipment can be considered, such as discriminating fluorescent lamps that can be carried with you.
Or a UV flashlight to spot counterfeit bills.
Common nail glue curing, on the one hand, is ultraviolet irradiation, on the other hand, is heated.
So you can also use the sun's UV rays and a hair dryer. But we recommend uv light is enough.

The specific production process:
1. First of all, before applying the nail gel polish glue, we have to deal with the dead skin and dust on the nail surface, so as to prepare for the nail gel polish glue to dry quickly!
2. Then apply a thin layer of primer what we called base coat gel, and illuminate for 30 seconds at close range.
3. Then apply a thin layer of colored nail gel polish and uv light for 1 minute.
4. Apply a second layer of color gel polish and uv light for 1 minute.
5. Finally, apply a layer of sealing layer what we called top coat gel to increase the gloss and light for 2 minutes.
6. Scrub the surface of the nail with alcohol and you are done!

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