How to use cat eye gel polish
How to use cat eye gel polish

How to use cat eye gel polish

Cat's eye gel is "cat's eye nail gel polish". The effect of manicure is like cat's eyes. Different light and shadow will appear under different light, which makes the nails more eye-catching and looks more fashionable. This gel contains magnetic particles and is Strong magnet. This glue needs to be coated with black base coat gel, use the same color of glue, and then apply the glue after black primer. The effect is obviously different from that of single-coated glue. The color is darker and has more texture. Use a magnet When the angle of inclination is different, the cat's eye light can choose different directions.

  Cat's eye nail polish is made like a cat's eyes, which can show different light and shadow under the change of light, and it is like an opal when applied to the hand. Cat eye gel is a new technology derived from nail polish gel. The magnet powder in cat eye gel will be absorbed and gathered under the action of magnets. Under the reflection of light, a light band like the pupil of a cat's eye appears, that is, a narrow and bright reflection appears on the surface, and the effect is like an opal.

The method of cat's eye nails is the same as other nail art steps. After applying the nail gel polish, use the iron suction sheet to place it parallel to the nail surface. The position of the nail suction sheet is 3mm away from the nail, and it takes 3-5 seconds to absorb Lights are ready.

How many times to apply cat eye gel
The cat eye gel can be applied twice in total, or three times if necessary. Generally, the light should be illuminated after one layer is applied. When the last layer is applied, do not illuminate the lamp first. Use a magnet tool to place it on the top of the nail for a few seconds, and wait for the effect to come out before taking the light. If your magnet tool accidentally touches the cat's eye glue gel, you can remove all the nails, and then re-apply the nail polish on one side.

How to apply cat eye gel polish
Step 1: Exfoliate, disinfect, remove grease.
Step 2: Lightly polish the surface of the nails and clean the nails.
The third step: apply the base coat gel (light therapy lamp for 1 minute).
Step 4: Apply cat's eye nail gel polish with a moderate thickness, and place it on the surface of the nail polish with a special cat's eye magnet, close but not touching (same as operating phantom nail gel polish), and the effect will appear immediately after three seconds. Light therapy lamp for 3 minutes to set.
Step 5: After wiping the sealant on the removable surface, after illuminating the light for 3 minutes, wipe off the residue on the surface with cleansing gel water to get a shiny surface, like cat's eyes.

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